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I put a "mature" filter on this, just to be safe. Slight nudity warning (chest), mostly hidden by strands of her hair.

Hello, I’m back! New picture today, this time with a bit of a story.

Eryndel shivered as she waded into the cool lake, feeling the watchful eyes of her squad in her back. Ever since the war against the Demons had started, they'd take turns bathing, protecting each other from ambushes.
There were those  among the Demon Hunters who questioned the wisdom of regular bathing, and being defenseless. The side effect of staying covered in demon blood, the fel energy within slowly corrupting the body and soul of the fighters, was too great to ignore. So regular baths it was, and regular cleansing by a priestess, if they found one willing to do it, despite the demon hunters violent reputation.
Musing , Eryndel had waded further into the lake, until she was submerged to her belly.
She washed, her thoughts drifting to those she had sworn to protect. Those who mistrusted and hated the Demon Hunters  and their leader.
The young Kal'Dorei's gaze drifted up to the bigger of Azeroth's two moons.
Had Elune really turned her back on the ones willing to fight the Demons?
Some Priestesses said so, and there were rumors that the half-god Cenarius condemned the Demon Hunters' methods. Going as far as to insinuate that their leader was actually in league with the Demons.
Stop thinking about that, Eryndel chided herself. It is not true. But sometimes, she did feel a rage that was not hers, seemed to hear whispers in her mind... threats and promises she could not quite understand. They would disappear after a cleansing, but what if that stopped working?
Eryndel dove into the water to escape those thoughts. Suddenly, a shimmer at the bottom of the lake caught her attention. She went up for air, then dove down towards it. It was farther than she had anticipated, beneath a sudden drop in the lake's floor. Blindly, she grabbed for it , felt her right hand close around something, and resurfaced. She swam to where she could stand, holding on to what she found.
Standing in the lake, she slowly opened her hand. The thing she had grabbed was a moonstone, glowing with the light of the moons above. The stone was a perfect, crystalline smooth crescent. Eryndel looked at it in wonder. A smile spread across her face. The Goddess had not forsaken her or anyone who risked their lifes and souls against the Legion.
Eryndel carefully cradled the moonstone in her hand and knew everything would end up well.

Additional info: Eryndel is a young adult in this, and she is one of my oldest characters. I made her way back when as a Warcraft 3 fan character, and she has this epically long backstory that I never wrote down. I just love making up stories for my characters, but sharing them makes me nervous. So, I hope you like it.
If you want to, tell me what you think in the comments ^^

This picture has been on my to-do list for a while, and I had fun finally doing it.

If you read till here, thank you.

See you guys soon, Miaikon
Last Stand Colored

Hi, people :)

As promised, here is the colored version of last time’s lineart. It took me longer than anticipated, since it was more or less an experiment in lighting. For the first time trying to paint a dual light source, it came out all right, in my opinion.

I changed a few things around, compared to the lineart. This is why I like lineless or semi-lineless painting so much, it allows me to do that. And I have to admit, I am kind of proud of this picture.

The “Dark Tower” reference should be obvious by now ^_^  By the way, for those interested in such details, the woman’s name is Leonora. The shape in the foreground does not have a name.

As with the lineart, the pose is referenced from Browncoat - Stock Reference 1 by faestock on deviantArt.

That’s it for now, see you guys soon ^^

Lineart - Last stand

Hello, folks.

I haven’t posted anything for a while now, I know. Those last weeks, I have been working on a bigger project that I don’t want to disclose just yet. The above lineart was done as a break from that. I am currently in the process of coloring it, but this will still take a bit, since it will be digitally painted and semi-lineless. Hence, I decided to share the lineart for now, to let you guys know I am not dead yet ^_^

It’s fair to say that this is/ has been inspired by Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and to a lesser degree by the TV Show “Wynnona Earp”, which I started watching recently. Both characters are mine, though, in case you are wondering.

The woman’s pose was referrenced from Browncoat - Stock Reference 1 by faestock on deviantArt.

As stated, colored picture will follow. When it does, I'll move the lineart to scraps, most likely.

Till then,

Mother's day present

Since my mother got this yesterday, I can post it now ^^

I hand-painted this mug for my mother as a mother’s day present. She knew in advance, it actually was her idea, and she likes it very much.

This is one of the few times I did something like this. The mug itself is store-bought. I chose a blue one to make the sunflowers stand out more, the yellow would not have been as pretty on a white mug.

The stuff in the mug is homemade tiramisu. She already ate it ^^

Making this was a fun change in pace, and a nice way to give my mom some flowers for mother’s day that will last.

See you guys soon, Miaikon

May the fourth

Better late than never ^^
I started this three days ago, for International Star Wars Day - May the 4th. This is a first time for me in many ways - first time doing fanart of a character played by a life actor at all, first time doing Fanart of canon character in AGES.

Happy Star Wars day, May the Force be with you.



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